You need more than technology for successful business change

16:20- 16:40 

Inspiring change across your organisation is always a challenge but, without a shared vision for success, it can be almost impossible. 

Adam Astle, Head of Development at APT Solutions feels most organisations focus too much on technology solutions, and many seriously underestimate the impact that other factors will have on the success of their digital transformation and business change. 

As the Head of Development at APT Solutions, Adam is directly involved with digital strategies – both internally for APT and also for our customers. 

Adam’s aim is to share an honest insight from my first-hand experiences in planning and executing digital strategies and, hopefully, leave you with a number of practical takeaways, which you can then apply in your own transformation journeys. 

You will hear: 

  • An insight into the challenges we’ve seen and helped our customers overcome in the NFP sector over the past 3 decades 
  • Simple and practical tips you can apply in the real world 
  • Understanding the pitfalls of strategic business change and how best to avoid them