What’s appropriate for a non-profit to aspire to in 2020?  

10:55 – 11:15 

Membership and charity organisations are facing a double challenge. Identifying what they should aspire to and which technology will best support these aspirations.    

The result is often much hyperbola and toe dipping around perceived innovative technology such as AI, virtual & augmented reality. This rarely delivers any meaningful results.  

Technology shouldn’t be used to create innovation, the drive to solve a problem should. 

SmartDesc are an authorised partner for the NCVO and support clients such as MIND and Missing People.  They specialise in supporting charities secure funding for innovation that makes a real difference.   

In this session, Geoff, their IT director will share their approach on using AI and intelligent chatbots to support charities solve real challenges such as: 

  • Intelligent triaging of beneficiaries  
  • Support Retention – Identifying those supporters who are likely to only give for one year 
  • Early Intervention – Identifying beneficiaries who may use the charity service or be caught in a cycle of abuse/exploitation at their first initial contact (reducing demand on public services & agencies but most importantly giving the beneficiaries the best preventative help possible)  

He’ll demonstrate how relatively small charities, with modest resources, can create meaningful innovation that delivers a huge difference. 

You will hear how to: 

  • Avoid wasting time and budget on distracting “trendy tech” and understand how to evaluate “the possible” before committing to it  
  • Understand the potential stumbling blocks to investing innovation   
  • Learn strategies which will encourage meaningful organisational innovation