Powering the vision at Twins Trust – delivering an ambitious transformation in 9 months

10:55 – 11:15 

Twins Trust (formerly Tamba, Twins & Multiple Births Association) is a UK wide charity that was founded 40 years ago to improve the lives of twins, triplets and more. 

The session is a case study of Twins Trust and their recent experience of digital transformation.  

An ambitious programme, which was delivered in 9 months, included: 

  • A complete rebrand from Tamba to Twins Trust 
  • Dynamics CRM implementation
  • A new, fully integrated, Website and comms platform
  • All new comms, branding, tone of voice

The session will discuss: 

  • What were the key drivers? 
  • What it takes to achieve strategic objectives, not just delivering new tech. 
  • What are the challenges and how to manage them? 
  • Is it possible, or even desirable, to deliver transformation so quickly? 
  • What happens next?