The smart approach – using intelligent systems for measuring member engagement

11:45 – 12:05

Part of creating an effective digital environment for your members is understanding what your members really value in your organisation.

  • Are your members truly engaged with your organisation?
  • What member benefits do they find most valuable?
  • How do you measure your member engagement?
  • How can you increase their engagement and improve retention?

This session focuses on helping you understand how to measure your membership engagement so you can reduce membership churn and improve member satisfaction. It introduces you to a intelligent way of measuring member engagement that looks beyond the financial value of an individual, focusing on measuring the less tangible member benefits offered.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understand typical member benefits overrated by organisations
  • Spot the warning signs that a member isn’t satisfied
  • Learn how to identify what member benefits are valued most
  • Look at how to measure member engagement to better effect

Hear from the leader in Microsoft Dynamics-based Membership solutions who has developed a new way of measuring this all important aspect of membership.


Ahmed Eltohamy, Managing and Technical Director, Smartimpact