The Power of Prediction

14:25 – 14:45

Engagement tracking/scoring is currently a ‘hot’ topic for many leading association executives.  But just scoring a member’s historical involvement may be ‘too little, too late’ for many organisations. However what if it was possible to accurately predict (using data you already have available) – a member’s future engagement?  For progressive organisations, ‘big data’ analytics and predictive modelling techniques and technology are emerging as the ‘next big thing’.

ASI will share their insights on how advanced technology – originally only accessible to Fortune 500 size companies – is today enabling membership based organisations like yours to develop sophisticated predictive models of member behaviour that can be applied across the entire organisation – to predict not just member engagement and satisfaction, but to also provide more accurate forecasts for individual member renewals, event registrations, program/course enrolments, product purchases, committee involvement, and other key association specific activities.

Case studies from leading associations from around the world will be used to help you understand the full potential and the power of prediction.


Jeremy Jalie, Performance Improvement Leader – ASI


Andy Campbell, original founder of thankQ on behalf of Access Group

The future of non-profit CRM in a digital world


Rob Gethen Smith, Director for Customer Engagement, Blackbaud Europe

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