Becoming The Connected NonProfit

14:50 – 15.10

Not for profits are faced with even more challenges than other businesses. They have to recruit, retain and incite a variety of different cohorts: fundraisers, donors, volunteers, sponsors, politicians, carers and not least the beneficiaries of their cause. And what’s even more challenging, is money is tight and yet fundraisers are increasingly competing for a share of the same wallet.

The good news is that it is now technically feasible and commercially viable to automate ongoing digital conversions with all these cohorts but on a personalised level across all channels. Thereby, in the right context, congratulating, supporting, informing, educating and even entertaining people based on their physiographic profile. This capability leads to building life-time value, improving self-care services and all whilst reducing operational overheads.

This session serves to explain how, including brand examples.


Paul Fennemore, Digital Transformation Consultant at Sitecore and Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes Business School